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In an effort to provide leading-edge education and awareness programs addressing issues pertaining to various forms of cybercrime, the Center for CIC developed two annual conferences that include participants from around the globe – The White Hat Conference and White Hat Junior Camp. Additionally, specialized digital training programs are regularly added to the Center for CIC’s curriculum

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Cambodian Team

The WH Conference 2021 was a competition that provided me a lot of knowledge, experience, and cyber security skill. We worked as teamwork, improved communication and collaboration. So, I want to recommend register to the WH competition in 2022.


Colombian Police Team

The Colombian National Police team worked with the cryptography tasks to achieve the challenge proposed in the WH Conference and ¡we did it and we referenced new generations behind the cyberspace to work collaboration in the future!


WHC Speaker, Spain

The hackers are like Jedis and the Siths like cybercriminals. So, I want to invite the new generation coming on the cybersecurity camp works as Jedis and collaborates with the State security forces. The police will need a lot of support in the next years, ¡Work together!.


WHC Speaker, Spain

The new generation in the cybersecurity camp needs to work with cooperation. The new generation should motivate the cooperation and collaboration on the correct legitim, and legal way, and work as teamwork, together will go far.


WHC Speaker, Perú

The word Hacker is positive it should demystify. We should generate knowledge in the populate, if we listened malicious hacker is equal to cybercriminal, and it is completely different if we listened to Hacker only.

Cyber Soldier

Colombian Army

The teamwork helped to complete the challenge! Cyberspace is a space where doesn’t exist borders as we know, and the criminals gets benefit of absence of borders, couldn't be detected. It's the reason the Army is in WH Conference to increase the knowledge to protect our Colombia.


HackLabGirls Team

The White Hat conference had huge challenges and the attendees should looking for a profile and identified who inject the malicious code. It motivated deeper analysis.


HackLabGirls Team

Don’t forget keep the safe passwords, don’t use the same password in all social networks, don’t publish sensible information about you, this information could used to do harm you from cybercriminals


CAF Technologies, Mexico

Getting Café Forense, the Center for CICs software for Computer Forensics allows the analysis and extraction of digital information on a computer and generates a report in real-time. This software has the main goal of helping society in resolving investigations against cybercrime.


WHC 2021, Argentina

My experience at this conference was successful, the knowledge, the awareness experience in security was outstanding.The task of solving a code in a team was fascinating. I want to invite you to attend this conference because it is awesome, here you can get a lot of tools and very useful new knowledge.



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A safer world in cyberspace requires collaborative work among all. Do you want to be a volunteer, an instructor, or contribute with your experience to build knowledge against cybercrime? Then, this call is for you.

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Having CPs provide you with the opportunity to learn much about cybercrime issues, and become more informed and prepared to address digital security events and avoid becoming a cybervictim.

  • Get the basic pack of 3 CPs and be ready to enjoy the great opportunities of having CIC powers

  • Take advantage of the formula two basic CPs packages equal to 13 CIC power

  • Triple the basic pack and get 23 CIC powers. Nobody will reach you in the capacity to obtain more resources to face cybercrime.


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How can I attend a Center for CIC conference/ training?

Please go to the White Hat Conference or White Hat Conference Jr. for more information.

How to obtain your certificate?

Center for CIC registered users can access and download their certificates in the Resource section of the main menu by searching for the specific event they attended.

How to participate in the Center for CIC events and training courses?

1) Register for a Center for CIC event
2) Attend conferences
3) Take a specialized training course.

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