How do I register as a Center for CIC user?

Go to the Register section at the top right corner of the menu bar and complete the required information. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account.

How can I attend a Center for CIC conference/ training?

Please go to the White Hat Conference or White Hat Conference Jr. for more information.

How to obtain your certificate?

Center for CIC registered users can access and download their certificates in the Resource section of the main menu by searching for the specific event they attended.

How to participate in the Center for CIC events and training courses?

1) Register for a Center for CIC event
2) Attend conferences
3) Take a specialized training course.

Can I trade my CPs later?

Absolutely! We’ve spent time developing a robust platform for saving your CPs even for future events we do not create so far.

How do I know how many CPs I will earn for conferences or courses taken?

Registrants will be informed of how many CPs can be earned for attending conferences or specialized training courses.

How could I exchange my CPs?

Information regarding exchanging of CPs can be found in the user dashboard when a registered user is logged.

How can I obtain a certificate?

By accessing the certificate box, or under the Resources tab. CPs can be traded as well, providing you meet the event requirements for which you are wanting to obtain your certificate.

How can I check that I am registered for an event?

Successful registrants will receive a confirmation email confirming their registration. Confirmations can also be found in your personal user information when logged in to the Center for CIC website.

How can I view an event’s agenda?

All information pertaining to our events can be found by selecting the “Trainings” section and selecting the event you are interested in learning more about.

How can I check on my CPs balance?

Your CPs balance will appear in your CP wallet in your personal user space.

How can I learn about upcoming Center for CIC events?

Upcoming events can be found in the Conference Section.

What do I do if I have forgotten my CIC password?

Registered Center for CIC users can go to the login area in the top right corner of the website, select “Forgot password” and follow the instructions.

How much does it cost to attend an event or specialized training session?

Some events are free while others may require additional CPs. Each event will provide costs to attend.